The Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is one of the most important things to remember when planning your vacation. Many people often feel the added expense is not necessary, but anything can happen before or during your trip that can cause disruptions to your vacation. Purchasing travel insurance gives you an added peace of mind and can help you save a lot of money if something were to happen. Even though you may already have a standard insurance policy, be sure to read the fine print, as many of the standard policies only cover claims within your own country or city.

Types of Travel Insurance

There are many different types of travel insurance available. Here are a few of the most common types available. For a more complete list contact your travel agent or your insurance agent.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance - This type of insurance will cover you if you suddenly have to cancel your trip or if your trip is interrupted and you have to return home early.

Medical Insurance - This insurance covers health related claims that occur during your trip (excludes pre-existing ailments) including medical care, emergency evacuation, 24-hour telephone service with a doctor in your language and accidental death or dismemberment.

Baggage or Personal Property Loss - This coverage provides protection in case your luggage or any of your personal property is lost, delayed or stolen.

Other common types of insurance include travel document protection, sports travel insurance (ex. Golf insurance protects against lost or stolen equipment, Ski insurance protects against injuries related to skiing), cruise travel and business travel. You can also choose insurance for a single trip, multiple trips (annual) and extended stay travel insurance.