Bahamas Golf

Golf has been increasing in popularity in the 21st century and the number of golf courses being built has increased with it. Some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world are located in the Caribbean. The Caribbean provides absolutely breathtaking views, with nearly perfect weather all year round. The game of golf is not only physical but requires mental prowess as well. Golf is unique in that people of all ages and experience levels can enjoy it. Why not visit one of the spectacular golf courses in Bahamas and play a few rounds on your next vacation?

Local Golf Courses

Golf Courses in the Bahamas

- Blue Shark Golf Club
- Cable Beach Golf Club
- Fortune Hills Golf & Country Club
- Lucayan Country Club
- Paradise Island Golf Club
- Radisson Golf Course
- Ruby Golf Course
- South Ocean Golf Club

Types of Golf Clubs

Driver Golf Club - The Driver, also a Wood, has the largest head and longest shaft. It is usually used to propel the ball from the teeing green.

Wood Golf Club - The Woods (now made of metal) are a bit shorter than the Drivers. They are used for long distance shots from the fairway.

Iron Golf Club - The Iron is slightly shorter than the Wood and is the most versatile club. They are used for a wide variety of shots.

Wedge Golf Club - The Wedges (Sand, Lob and Gap) are Irons which have short shafts and high lofts. They are used for more accurate shots.

Putter Golf Club - The Putter, as its name suggests, is used to putt the ball a short distance when on the putting green.

Golf Course Layout

1. Teeing Green
2. Sand Bunker
3. Water Hazard
4. Rough

5. Fairway
6. Putting Green
7. Hole
8. Flagstick