Booking Flights to Bahamas

The Caribbean is one of the most sought after vacation destinations. Known for itís beautiful weather, breathtaking beaches and luscious greenery, Bahamas has something for every traveler. When searching for an affordable plane ticket, or an all-inclusive package, the key is to shop around and shop early. Booking a round trip ticket is most often cheaper than booking one-way flights. Choosing off-peak times, such as mid-week flights, or summer, spring and fall months, are often less expensive than flights departing on the weekend and during winter months. It is generally cheaper to book your tickets early, but if you have some flexibility in your travel destination, there are always great last-minute deals available. Have a safe and happy flight!


Airlines flying to

- Air Canada
- AirTran Airways
- American Airlines
- Bahamasair
- British Airways
- Continental Airlines
- Delta Air Lines
- JetBlue Airways
- Northwest Airlines
- US Airways
- Western Air
- WestJet

Top Travel Websites

  1. Kayak
  2. Expedia
  3. Travelocity
  4. Orbitz
  5. Priceline
  6. AirGorilla
  7. One Travel
  8. Cheap Tickets
  9. Cheap O Air
  10. Hotwire

Customs Information

Before departing on any trip outside your home country, you should always research the customs requirements of your destination. Most Caribbean countries require a valid passport for visitors from the U.S. and Canada. Many islands also require you to have a return or onward travel ticket. There is a limit to the amount of alcohol (2L) and tobacco (2 Cartons) that may be brought into the Caribbean. There are also limits to alcohol, tobacco and duty free goods you may bring home with you. Check with your customs officials for more information.